California Energy Commission Tech Support Project

DH Green Energy along with its partner, Aspen Environmental Engineers, won the CEC Tech Project. This project is for 3 years and maybe longer that includes investigations of the Statewide Electrical Infrastructures from Transmission Lines, Distributions, and all utilities’ Distribution Stations and Substations to all Distributed Generations (Conventional and Renewable) connected to the utilities.

City of Anaheim

DH Green Energy just signed a Contract Agreement with the City of Anaheim, as the Prime Consultant, to provide Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, and Architectural Engineering Services for Anaheim Convention Center and Sport’s Arena for minimum of 3 years. The contract amount varies and shall not exceed $1.0 Million per year.


DH Green Energy just completed the electrical distribution systems design at Petit Ermitage Hotel in West Hollywood and received the Plan Check and Permit approval from the City of West Hollywood without any corrections. DH Green Energy will continue providing Construction and Project Management services for this client.

Pasadena Water and Power

Pasadena Power and Water (PWP) awarded a contract to Kewo Engineering Corp. and DH Green Energy team to redesign, repair, and construction management services for the replacement of Gas Turbine Generator, SCR, and Control systems. The three-year contract will start on October 8, 2019.

Bob Hope Airport Contract

DH Green Energy is selected to provide electrical design and construction services for the airport’s high voltage feeders that provide power to its terminal. 




DH Green Energy provided energy consulting and design services to San Diego International Airport on their new 12-kV Micro-Grid electrical distribution systems, an unprecedented underground distribution system of its kind in the world, permitting the Airport to own and operate its own electric utility system, generating a yearly savings of $6.4 million in energy costs while reducing the Airport’s yearly carbon footprint of “200,000” tons. Aside from our technical expertise, this monumental accomplishment is highly contributed through DH Green Energy’s profound knowledge and experience with federal, state, and local utility regulatory policies and laws, granting us the ability to develop strategies that were advantageous to the Airport.

Microgrid Knowledge Article

Services Provided:sdia

  • Provided Comprehensive Energy Study and Energy Conservation
  • Prepared Strategic Energy Master Plan
  • Developed Conceptual Design of new 12-kV Micro-grid Electrical Distributions Including SCADA systems
  • Prepared RFP to retain 12-kV O&M Contractor (Chula Vista Electric)
  • Meeting and negotiating with SDG&E
  • 12-kV Micro-grid construction support
  • Construction management assistance
  • 12-kv commissioning
  • Provided Preliminary Cogeneration Study
  • Filed application for Power Purchase through Direct Access
  • Filed application with CEC for incentives
  • Utility rate analysis – cost per square foot under new 12-kV System